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S.E.I. Consulting, Inc. to lead a Trade Mission to Kenya in 2024

S.E.I. Consulting, Inc.. has announced intention to host a trade mission to Kenya in 2024. This mission will focus attention on the great opportunities for trade and investment in this growing emerging market. If you are interested in going on this mission, please contact us by email.


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About Us

S.E.I. Consulting, Inc. provides expert advisory services, strategic governance and economic development, and business support services in engaging the public and the private sector in East Africa and in the United States of America. S.E.I. Consulting, Inc. has developed strategic relationships in the geo-political and economic development environments of East African markets and has many instances engaged governments and corporations to tap into the economic development opportunities and growth that creative partnerships in the US market can generate.

S.E.I. Consulting, Inc. was formed to fill a particular set of needs primarily faced by enterprising U.S. companies seeking to enter the emerging markets of East Africa and East African companies needing to better understand how to access the U.S. market. Combining various levels of experience in international business, finance and politics as well as substantial contacts and relationships throughout the U.S. and Africa, the company is dedicated to directly linking the potential of emerging markets to the promise of commercial ventures and good county governance. These strengths are leveraged on behalf of our clients to produce significant achievements in a variety of industries.